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XRAM designs and supplies complete smelter plants including feed preparation and final product handling using either AC or DC furnace technology. The firm also assists clients in selecting the appropriate technology route to optimise their requirements.

AC Furnace Process Technology

XRAM designs and supplies complete closed and semi-closed AC furnace plants and specialised equipment to smelt ferroalloys including ferrochrome, manganese, silicon alloys and slag cleaning. This includes processes and equipment to

  • improve furnace safety and operations in accordance with BAT principles
  • increase furnace availability, efficiency, production and profitability.

XRAM undertakes the development of AC furnace technology equipment for integration with smelting processes, including:

  • AC furnace electrode columns in reinforced cast or forged copper pressure rings
  • Furnace roofs to maximise campaign life and minimise heat loss
  • Shells and grillage for optimal balance between containment, expansion and cooling
  • Insulating linings, both conductive and semi-conductive
  • Control and monitoring systems for quality control

DC Furnace Process Technology

XRAM undertakes development of DC furnace technology for high metal recoveries from fine materials and dusts. DC furnace installations benefit from having a smaller footprint and lower capital cost, and allows expensive lumpy coke or char to be replaced by lower cost metallurgical coal chips or fines. Suitable for recovery of ilmenite, ferronickel, dust, slag dump and fuming.

XRAM supplies and commissions all DC furnace equipment, including:

    • DC furnace electrode arms optimised for energy input control
    • Closed-panel DC furnace roofs to maximise campaign life and minimise heat losses
    • DC furnace anode conductive hearths optimised for cost-efficient and safe campaign life
    • DC furnace shells with built-in cooling providing optimal support for balance between refractory containment, expansion and cooling

Furnace Containment

XRAM designs and supplies specialised furnace vessels with integrated shells, hearths, sidewalls, tap-holes and roofs for optimal performance. Composite furnace modules technology (CFM) used in the lining design, cooling and monitoring helps extend the campaign life of the vessels, and is used in both plant upgrades and new installations.

Our capabilities include the design, analysis, upgrades and refurbishment of furnace linings for:

  • high thermal capacity copper coolers
  • remote cooling techniques for temperature control
  • “freeze lining” operations

All components are designed to fit and operate seamlessly in existing equipment.